Loveland Castle

We got to visit a castle!!! We love castles (who doesn’t?!?!), and we hope to see castles in Europe eventually. We used to think that we would have to travel to Europe to see real castles, but when we discovered that there was a castle near us, we just had to go! This castle is known as Loveland Castle (because its in the town of Loveland) or it’s original name Chateau Laroche. A man named Harry, who was an architect and very adept at these things, built the whole castle himself!


So, Sunday morning, we packed up a picnic lunch, got some directions and our camera and were ready to go, until someone (not to name names- Georgia) said: “Are they even open on Sundays?” Ugh……

A balcony, who doesn’t want a balcony?!

Lucky for us, they were! So we started our drive of 1.5 hours. Now, we are pretty horrible with directions, so naturally, we missed a turn or two ( we always miss a turn, without fail *sigh*). But when we got there, there was a very daunting  drive down a very steep and winding path. We very much feared that we wouldn’t be able to get back up it in our little car. But nonetheless, we went on to explore!


For a small fee of $5, you can explore the inside and outside of the castle. So, we started with the inside. There is the main floor, which has a little office room that you can look into, which was quite cute. When you get upstairs, you can go to a room with some suits of armor (which we thought were a bit creepy, but still pretty cool). Or, you can also go to a little dining hall area, which will also lead you out onto a balcony. On the balcony, you can look down and see the gardens or look out at the river that passes by and watch people canoe pass.


After we explored inside, we went out to look though the garden and to explore the outside of the castle where we found the hallway of arches and a little bench in the picture above. We sat on that bench to take a picture in the other direction, and we definitely thought that we were going to break it, but gratefully it held us both so that we could take some pictures 🙂


The picture above and below is a cute little alcove that we found in the hallway of arches. We almost felt like we were in a little European town!


The picture below is the picture that we took while sitting on that rickety old bench. The hallway of arches was definitely super cute, and we loved taking pictures of it! Everyone who works there is very nice, and very informed. They could answer any questions that you have about Henry or the Castle, and they seemed to love what they were doing.


We loved visiting this little castle! It definitely didn’t quell our desire to visit castles! In fact, it made the desire even worse! We can’t wait to be able to visit more castles close to home, and abroad! But for now, we enjoyed this visit immensely and it will suffice for now!


Best part of the trip: We loved the hallway of arches!

Least favorite part: We weren’t allowed to go onto the roof 🙁

Have you ever visited a castle? Which one and what was your favorite part?

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