Favorites of 2015

We can’t believe that 2016 is almost upon us! We feel like just yesterday we were starting 2015. So much has happened to us this year, definitely too much to sum up in one post. But we will share our favorite pictures and stories from our travels and baking adventures.


We didn’t get to travel as much as we wanted to this year, but we loved the places that we did get to travel to! Without further ado, let’s start:

Mammoth Cave:

This trip was a lot of fun. We took a couple of cave tours, which were pretty cool, if you get the chance to do one, definitely do it! We also walked some of the trails that they had, which had some views like the one below. It was about 100F the whole time we were there, and the little place we were staying didn’t have air conditioning. That was a little bit miserable, but our car did have air conditioning and there were scenic driving trails (we did all of them 🙂 ), so it wasn’t too bad, absolutely worth it! You can check out our whole post about it here.

Our favorite lookout, Sunset Point

This picture is our favorite because it’s so pretty. It takes us back to actually being here and getting to look at this beautiful place. If you get the chance to visit Mammoth Cave, you definitely have to visit sunset point at sunset!


This picture is our favorite because well, just look at it, how could it not be? We did edit it and blur the sun while leaving the steps perfectly fine. In a way we think that it could be a metaphor of being ready to take the next step.

Harry Potter Wizarding World:

This trip was the best one of the year. We love Harry Potter, life without it isn’t life at all. Getting to actually walk through the places that were in your favorite book series is a dream come true (as any lover of reading would know)! After spending most of our lives reading the books and then watching the movies, this park was perfect (and we can’t wait to go back!) You can check out the whole post here


Hogwarts: everybody’s dream school. This being in the list doesn’t need an explanation.

Gringotts Bank

This was the entrance to the Gringotts Bank ride, which was our favorite, we rode it a couple (okay maybe more than a couple) times. Also, the dragon actually spit fire, and it was awesome!

Frozen Butter Beer- it’s the best way to have it!

This picture is here because, well, we basically lived off of butter beer while we were there, and it is worth a trip back just to be able to drink it all day, every day and not be judged for it. 🙂

We made butter beer at home so we could relive our days at Harry Potter world, and you can find the recipe and video here. Once you try it, you’ll never want to stop drinking it!



This is our favorite sunset picture that we have taken so far, but we will forever be taking pictures of the sun because it can be so beautiful! You can look at more sunset photos here


We have baked so many things this year, it’ll be hard to pick our favorite pictures! As the year has progressed, we have noticed that we have slowly gotten better at food photography (and taking pictures in general). We will only share our favorites so as to keep our list relatively short.

Croissant with Strawberry Jam

We have an obsession with croissants! They are delicious, and we would eat them for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, tea time, dinner, and supper. We basically wish that we were Hobbits so we could eat these all the time. Find our recipe here

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

What’s better than peanut butter and chocolate? Enjoy these yourself by using this recipe


We were going to make a post about this pumpkin granola, but we ultimately decided to post something else, but we enjoy this picture, so it made it to the list. 🙂


Apple cranberry crisp with ice cream. It’s delicious, and the picture’s cute. Want this recipe? (It’s vegan, and nobody will ever know!) Get it here


Milk and cookies anyone? We had so much fun taking these pictures, and they turned out well. We wish we could put all of them on our list, but alas we can’t so here is one! Find this recipe (and more pictures) here


Dinner rolls. Yum. especially with jam. We took these rolls to our Thanksgiving, and everybody loved them! Share these with your family, their delicious with any dinner! Get the recipe here

That wraps up our list of our favorite things of the year. We can’t wait to see what 2016 holds. Wishing you happy baking and travels in 2016!

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