Uncharted Bakers

Hey everyone!! We have been doing some work on our blog and social media channels and are going to be making a few changes within the next few weeks. We hope you all don’t mind! This post is just to let you know what changes you can expect.


The only major change we will be making is the name of our blog. Our website will no longer be Traveling Twin Bakers. We will be changing it to Uncharted Bakers. We are staying with the theme of baking and traveling, so don’t be alarmed! We haven’t felt very enchanted with Traveling Twin Bakers as our blog name for a couple of months but have been hesitant to change it. We finally decided that Uncharted Bakers still fit our theme of Baking and Traveling but provided a better blog name. Our content will not be affected by our name change. New name, same great content!


We will also be adding ourselves as authors. This way you will know which one of us wrote the post! All of our social media names will be changing along with our blog. The only exception to this is our Youtube channel, our name will remain Traveling Twin Bakers. This is because Traveling Twin Bakers is going to continue to be our administrative name for this site.

You can find our Instagram here and our Pinterest here.


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