Banana Ice Cream

Hey ya’ll! We hope your week is off to a great start! We are on vacation in the Smokey Mountains with our family this week and couldn’t be more excited about it. You can definitely expect a few blog posts on this trip in the coming weeks. Not to mention today is our birthday, Yipee!!

On this wonderful Monday, we are sharing a little bit of a healthier recipe. There is no refined sugar, flour, or animal products, so just about anyone can eat it.

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This is Banana Ice Cream (AKA Nicecream). It might seem a little weird or funny at first, but if you have never given it a try, you must! When frozen Bananas are blended with a little milk (we used almond but you can definitely use cow’s milk if you really want to), it creates this wonderfully creamy ice cream-like dessert (or snack, if you’re like us). The texture is more like soft serve ice cream, and if you add more milk it can be made into a milkshake (or call it a smoothie if you want to eat it for breakfast! 😉 ). YUM!!

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What’s great about banana ice cream is that you can customize it to any flavor you like. We are sharing two recipes with you today: raspberry and mango pineapple. Both of these flavors are extremely delicious and start with frozen bananas. We have also been known to make chocolate milkshakes for breakfast using this method except we use a blender instead of a food processor because of the thinner consistency. If you do not have a food processor or want a more milkshake-like consistency, then you can use a blender. We would just suggest that you add more milk so that the blender can properly process your ice cream.

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Both of these ice cream flavors are perfect for summer. You can use fresh fruit that you have frozen yourself (this is what we did) or buy frozen fruit at the store In the winter!). Banana ice cream is a wonderful way to use those extra spotty bananas that everyone turns into banana bread. Simply slice and freeze them and they are ready to make delicious milkshakes! We believe this is a much better summer alternative to banana bread. 🙂

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We really hope you enjoy this banana ice cream as much as we do!

Each recipe will serve 3-4 people. We made this and ate as much as we could, so as not to waste it, but after stuffing ourselves to the gills, we couldn’t eat it all, haha!


For the Pineapple Mango Ice cream:

2 mangos, frozen

2 bananas, frozen

1 cup of pineapple chunks (not frozen)

1/2- 3/4 cup Almond milk (depending on how thick you want it)

For the Raspberry Ice Cream:

4 Bananas, frozen

1 cup raspberries, frozen

3/4-1 cup Almond milk (depending on how thick you want it)


  1. Put everything into the food processor and blend together until smooth and no chunks remain.


If you make this ice cream, let us know what you think!!

Questions or comments? Baking suggestions? let us know in the comments below, via email, or on instagram (@unchartedbakers). We also just got a Facebook: unchartedbakers, check us out there as well! 🙂

Happy Baking and have a spectacular week!! 🙂

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  1. The Hungry Mum

    August 23, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    oh, what a fun dessert! So colourful, too.

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