Sugar Substitutes in Cookies

Hey ya’ll, we hope this post finds you enjoying a lovely Monday morning! Since the holidays are coming up and we know that everyone is going to be eating lots and lots of cookies, we thought testing out some sugar substitutes would be a good idea. That way maybe we can all eat a little less refined sugar this baking season! So, without further ado, here are the different sugars we tested:


The Control:

The cookie that we used for this test was the Chocolate Chip Cookie. This is probably one of the most baked cookies, so we thought it would be a good cookie to test. The control cookie had the same kind (brown sugar) and amount of sugar as normal so that we would be able to compare it to the other sugars. (It was also the best cookie that we tried today!)

Coconut Sugar

This cookie turned out a lot darker than all the other ones, but that is only because the sugar was darker. It was kind of the color of dark brown sugar. For replacing, it’s just a one to one ratio and was our least favorite cookie. It was dark, so, in appearance, it looks like it was burnt (which would probably be a turnoff at any party you go to). Not only did it look burnt, but it also kind of tasted a little bit burnt. Not like you burnt it to a crisp, but like you stored it with a burnt to a crisp cookie and the flavor kind of carried over….

or like you were trying to caramelize sugar but you over cooked it and while its really over cooked, it’s not quite burnt yet. Ya, that’s what this tasted like. That being said, it wasn’t horrible. It isn’t something that we would want to eat more of, but hey maybe that would be good for our waistlines?

On the other hand, if you like the flavor of coconut sugar, this is probably the best option. In texture, the cookies with coconut sugar were the closest to the brown sugar cookies.


Maple Syrup

The replacement that we did for this test was 3/4 of the amount of sugar. So, our recipe calls for 2 cups and we used 1 1/2 cups of maple syrup. We also had to add an extra 1/2 cup of flour to our original cookie recipe to help absorb the extra liquid. The batter tasted pretty good and only had a hint of maple syrup flavor (not that we tasted it, that’s just, um, what we heard…)

The cookie, when it came out of the oven, had a cake-like texture. The only way we can describe it is that it had the texture of a pancake. It even had a small maple flavor, so it was like pancake and syrup all in one bite. It would be a great on the go breakfast! Haha, as for dessert it wasn’t our favorite, mainly because of the pancake-y texture (the maple flavor was barely even there)


This was a half ratio. So, our recipe called for 2 cups and we used 1 cup of honey. These tasted exactly like honey. Honey with some chocolate. If you like honey, than you will probably love these cookies. But in regards to a chocolate chip cookie, well it just wouldn’t do for us.


The Conclusion

Honestly, we would recommend that you just eat a regular cookie. It’s the holidays, indulge a little! If you know of any other sugar substitutes that we didn’t put in this post (or tips on how to make the substitutions taste a little better), let us know in the comments below, so we can give it a try as well!

Questions, comments or requests? Let us know in the comments below,  via email (, instgram (@unchartedbakers) or Facebook (@unchartedbakers).

We hope you have an awesome week, safe travels, and may you always have a cookie in         your cookie jar!🙂


  1. BeaFreitas

    December 5, 2016 at 9:25 am

    So so so interesting ! Great post ! Thanks for sharing and have a great week 🙂

    1. Traveling Twin Bakers

      December 5, 2016 at 8:22 pm

      Thank you! Hope you have a great week too! 😊

  2. charandtheweb

    December 6, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Ohh, I love this. I like experimenting, and sugar substitutes are always interesting. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for coconut sugar, that sounded the most appealing to me. And now I’m craving a choc chip cookie haha. Great blog by the way, great content.

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