4 Ways to Frost a Cupcake

Hey everybody! We hope you had an amazing weekend and that your week is off to a great start! We spent the whole weekend baking, we even shared some hints and sneak peaks over on our Instagram. This week, we thought we’d share 4 ways to decorate a cupcake with you. Spring is just around the corner which means Easter and warmer weather are on their way. For our family that means lots of cookouts! It’s the perfect time to make cupcakes for everyone! And now, you’ll be able to frost them 4 ways!

Ice Cream Cone 

This one we like to call the ice cream cone, because it kind of looks like, well, ice cream. It’s fairly easy to do, too. You’ll need a 2D tip for this one. Start in the middle of the cupcake and place a dot of frosting about 1/2 in high. Then starting around the edge swirl around the dot in a circle. When you reach where you begin, just keep going, but move in a little bit. Continue swirling until you get to the top. This may sound confusing, but our video down below, will show you how to do it! 😉


The Beehive 

Obviously this one is so named because it looks kind of like a beehive. Well, either that or Unicorn poop, but we’re pretty sure Beehive sounds better. This has the exact same process as the Ice Cream Cone, but you’ll be using a 12 Tip.



For this one, you’ll need a size 61 tip. You’ll want to start around the edge of the cupcake with the tip so it forms a U. Then, just squeeze so a little bit of frosting comes out and then pull away. Continue doing this all around the edge of the cupcake and when you finish the outside edge, do another circle inside of it and continue this pattern until the whole cupcake is frosted. Again, you can watch a video of this at the bottom of this post!



This cupcake uses the “grass” tip or size 233. Its probably one of the easiest ways to frost a cupcake. Make a circle of “grass” around the edge of the cupcake and then another circle inside of that until all the cupcake is frosted. You can either pipe short grass or long grass, depending on the look you like. In the video we show the long grass method. This is simply just squeezing and pulling away at the same time until you get the length of grass you want. Once you get it to a certain length, the “grass” will fall over, which kind of gives it the look of the picture below:



Thanks for reading! We hope you have an amazing week, safe travels, and may there always be a cookie in your cookie jar!

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