5 Things to Do in the Outer Banks

Hey everybody! We hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

Guess what? We went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina! It was full of adventure and great food! We’ll be putting up another post soon all about our little adventure while we were down there. But while you wait for that to come out, head over to our Instagram, where we’ll be posting lots of pics (and there’s some already on there)!

So, here are our must do’s while you’re there (and these are in no particular order!):

1. Corolla Horse Tours


We had so much fun on our wild horse tour. It was kind of like an off road adventure! And the horses were so pretty. When you start the tour one of the first things you have to do is drive on a beach that is actually a highway. Yes, they have a road that is on the actual beach! Then you continue off road, into the soft sand and that is where the fun begins! Our trip was like taking an old person, putting them into an off-road vehicle and letting them drive you around at top speeds. (and by top speeds we mean like 30mph at most once your off the beach road) 🙂

The tours don’t guarantee that you’ll see a horse (the odds are pretty good that you will, though). Even so, we joked around that the tour was worth it, just for the thrill of riding through the sand (we’re children at heart, what can we say!). If you do want to go on a tour, we recommend you use Corolla Wild Horse Fund. They’re a nonprofit organization that protects the wild horses and takes care of them when they need it. They’re the company we went with and everyone was amazing. You could really tell that the tour guides cared for the horses and want what is best for them.

Fun Fact: The horses were brought here by the Spanish and dumped overboard to reduce the weight of the ship when it hit a sandbar! The horses had to swim to shore and learn to adapt to a new environment.

2. North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island


This was one of our favorite parts of our trip. It’s the cutest little aquarium. They have alligators (and even an albino one that we swear followed us around the whole room, every time we turned around he was staring at us!) They even had a little tide pool where you can touch the animals (including stingrays!) there. It’s a great room for kids who love exploring! And yes, we also played around! The sting rays freaked us out, they were so slimy feeling! Plus, growing up and loving Steve Erwin has us forever afraid of stingrays. 🙁

Our favorite part was the sea turtle conservation they have! There were about 6 or 7 sea turtles being rehabbed, and they were all so cute! The ladies working were actually volunteers who were really knowledgable and nice (we totally want to volunteer for this, it’d be so much fun!). We could have stayed in there talking, listening, and watching the sea turtles for hours! The tickets were only $11 each and are worth the price especially if you have curious little kids

3. Sunrise/Sunset


Both sunrise and sunset are beautiful at the beach (no matter what coast you’re on!). Our favorite however was the sunrise we got up for. It was so beautiful and peaceful just watching the sun come up over the horizon, especially because we were the only ones on the beach (guess thats a bonus of it being cold)! So, if you can get yourself up that early, and we really think you should, the sunrise here is so beautiful.

Sunset is also pretty because the sky gets cotton candy colored, soft pink and purples. It would be perfect for laying out a blanket and having a picnic. Just don’t get any sand in your food! 😉 Both sunsets and sunrises are free, of course, so if your looking for a budget friendly option, this is it. (who’s going to say no to free!)

4. The Dunes


The Dunes here are so much fun to walk around on. It’s like walking through a little dessert. You can see both the sound and the ocean from the dunes, especially on the tall ones. If, like us, you don’t like hills, just know that getting to the top is completely worth it!

This is one of the only spots we know of that you can watch the sun set and rise over water! We watched the sun set over the sound one night and it was beautiful. Really, you can’t go wrong with a nice sunrise or sunset, they’re so pretty!

If you do walk around here, make sure you dump out your shoes before you leave. You think we’re joking, but you’ll probably have about a beaches worth of sand in your shoes! We walked around barefoot for a minute, but if you go in summer, know that the sand gets hot, so be careful!

5. The Beach


This is probably the most obvious thing to do! Just hang out at the beach and soak in the salty air! Work on your tan, go boogie boarding, make sandcastles, or just play in the waves! We’re not the only ones who squeal when our feet touches something not sand, right? The beach is the perfect place to just relax and soak in some sun rays! It’s also a great place to search for sea shells or sea glass. We did a lot of looking for sea glass, but we didn’t find any. We’ll just have to stick with candy sea glass, we guess!

Thank you for reading! If you have questions about anything in this post (or about travel) let us know in the comments below, on Instagram, or via email (twinbakers96@gmail.com). We hope you have an awesome weekend, safe travels, and may you always have adventure on your horizon!

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