Homemade Dirt Cake

Hey everybody! We hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to an awesome start! Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? We baked all weekend and watched a bunch of Netflix! Anyone else watch Bill Nye’s new series? We haven’t finished it yet, but it’s so much fun!

It’s been feeling like spring around here lately and so we thought we would bring a spring/summer dessert that’s quick and easy to make!

Dirt Cake 2

As a kid, we remember seeing dirt cake on the dessert tables (which lets be honest, is the best table anywhere!) and thinking: “why is there flowers/plants here, you can’t eat these!” Do you know how excited we were when we realized that we could actually eat this! It’s like getting to eat dirt, but without getting in trouble! (you know every little kids dream!) We actually forgot about this dessert until a couple months ago, and we’ve been wanting to make it ever since!

Even if you aren’t a kid, you can still enjoy dirt cake! It can be really cute and almost elegant or you can dress it down for a summer bbq. We used succulents to decorate ours because they are soooo cute and all the rage right now!

Dirt Cake

If your making this for a kids party (or an adult party, really) you can even put some gummy worms into your dirt cake! It makes for a really cute surprise and the kids will love it.

Most recipes for dirt cake have cool whip, cream cheese, and vanilla pudding in it, but we went for a more simplified version, opting for just vanilla pudding. It’s quicker, easier, and cheaper which is just what we were going for in this recipe: a quick and easy spring/summer dessert. Two things about the pots you use: 1) BUY a new one! Please don’t use on you’ve previously had plants in. You’ll never get it clean enough and you’ll probably eat real dirt too. 2) If you’re using a clay pot, we suggest lining it with foil or something like that. We didn’t line ours and after a couple hours, the pot started soaking up the pudding and started to darken and look wet in color! So, either eat it right away or  line it to prevent this from happening.

Dirt Cake3



2, 4.25 in flower pots

2 packages (3.4 oz, each) instant vanilla pudding

1 3/4 cup milk, for the pudding*

1 large package of Oreos

1 package gummy worms, optional


  1. Prepare your pudding per the package instructions. Which for instant pudding is just whisking together the milk and powdered pudding. Then, put your pudding in the fridge to chill and set up completely.
  2. While your pudding is setting, prepare the Oreos and your flower pots:
  3. For the Oreos, either use a food processor or a bag and a rolling pin to smash the Oreos until they are coarsely ground. (it’ll look like dirt!)
  4. For the pots, cut a piece of foil to fit in the bottom of the pot, if like ours, it has a little watering hole in the bottom.
  5. Once your ready, assemble the dirt cake. This part is all up to you. You can put as much or as little of pudding and Oreos as you want. We did a 1/4 cup of pudding with about 2 Tbsp of crushed Oreos. (but, again, you can do as much or as little as you want!). This is also the step where you want to put your gummy worms in, just sneak them in as you make your layers!


*This is how much our package of pudding said we needed, yours may be different and if it is, follow the directions on the pudding box!


Dirt Cake Pinterest image

Thank you for reading! Have questions? Comments? Want to tell us what to bake next? Let us know in the comments below, on Instagram (@unchartedbakers) or via email (twinbakers96@gmail.com). We hope you have an amazing week, safe travels, and may you always have a cookie in your cookie jar!

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