4 Ways to Bake Sustainably

We hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a super busy one & as you read this, we’re currently galavanting about Pittsburgh! And by galavanting, we mean, we’re probably lost, send help! Make sure you follow our social media accounts to follow along on our adventure! You can find us on Instagram & Twitter!

This past weekend we visited IKEA for the first time and, ya’ll, it was amazing! We never thought we could look at furniture for hours and not get bored. We’ve officially planned out our future house. And not to mention we thought we had died and gone to heaven when we got to the kitchen area. They were all just so… so pretty!

We even stopped for some dinner in their little cafe thats about half way through. We mean they have a CAFE half way through, like they already knew we were going to need to chill for a second before our brains exploded. Oh ya, and the guy at the check out charged us for kids meals… We’re still not sure weather we should be salty about it or not. We mean, on one hand, we got cheaper food, but do we actually look that little? We hope not. Well, now that we think about it, maybe it was the chicken tenders we got…

Strawberry Oat Bars-3

After traveling as much as we possibly could the last couple years we have come to one conclusion: we love the earth. It has so much to offer everyone, from the food we eat to the adventures we have to the beautiful landscapes that take your breath away. It looks beautiful and serene, but in a minute it can become a ferocious beast that destroys everything in it’s path. It’s a beautiful thing. Why then, don’t we take care of it? This is why whenever we bake or travel, we try to do so in the most responsible ways that we can. It’s not always possible, but we do our absolute best. And we thought we would share with you some ways you can make a little less of an impact while you’re baking.

*We would like to note that these aren’t brand deals, they are simply products that we genuinely love and use when we bake!*

1. Buy Sustainable Products

Most products that are sustainable or implement sustainable practices will say something on their packaging, so it can be pretty easy to tell what is and what isn’t sustainable.

Most of the time, if it’s sustainable, it’ll also be fair trade, which is also something that we love to bake with! When you buy Fair Trade ingredients, you are supporting the farmers/people who grow/make what you’re buying. These people are given fair prices and treated fairly. In most cases, the people in developing countries are taken advantage of and are used as slave labor, not making enough money to live off of and being unfairly treated. When you purchase Fair Trade products, you make sure this isn’t happening! Here’s some of our favorite sustainable products we use when we’re baking:

For Sugar, which we use a LOT of, we like to use Wholesome! products. They have cane sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, frostings, candies, and more! They are fair-trade and their sugar is sustainably grown!

Our favorite flour to use is King Arthur Flour. We love their flour and the way they run their company! They are employee owned and are committed to being a more sustainable company. They have a program for employees that encourages them to carpool, they have solar-panels for electric car charging stations, and they give back to the community through donating leftovers to hunger relief.

And for cocoa powder and chocolate chips/chunks, we use Nestle Toll House. They have a program called the Nestle Cocoa Plan. This plan helps to educate the farmers and build better communities.

If you know of any other great sustainable baking products, let us know, we’d love to learn about them!

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2.Appliance Efficiency

This one may be the most difficult, as new appliances can be very expensive! And we’ll be the first to admit, we don’t have an energy efficient oven. It’s something that we’re working for and desperately want to get when we get a new oven! This also goes for the refrigerator you use as well!

But! Even if you don’t have a “green” oven, you can still do your best to be sustainable with it! There are two ways you can do this: 1) Use the oven less (or open the fridge as little as possible), 2) Be efficient with the oven.

Baking less can be hard! There’s always new recipes to try out or people/places to bake for. But just because your not baking with your oven as much, doesn’t mean you can’t “bake”! Just make no-bake desserts! Especially in the summer, you can make freezer desserts that are just as good! (not to mention not having your oven on as much in the summer may help your air conditioner run less!)

Secondly, just be efficient with your oven! What does this mean, you ask? Well, don’t get ahead of yourselves, we’re getting there! Now, what were we saying? Oh ya, being efficient with your oven! This just means, that if you’re baking cookies, have two trays going: one in the oven and one that has cookies “cooling” (you know how, most recipes say cool 5-10 min before moving to a wire rack? Ya, that’s what these will be doing). Got two cakes to bake? Bake them at the same time! What it really boils down to is this: If you don’t have something in the oven, don’t have it on. (unless, of course it’s pre-heating!)

3.Waste Less

How can wasting less actually help the environment? We’re so glad you asked! Let us explain ourselves!

As a planet, we produce way more food than we actually consume. And the problem with that is that this food is thrown away. This means that there are extra greenhouse gasses emitted that don’t need to be. What are greenhouse gasses? Man ya’ll are great, asking questions and everything! Well, they are things like carbon dioxide and methane and they are what cause global warming! Another reason not to waste as much is that while we waste food, there are people in the world that are starving! So, before throwing away that bruised apple or over ripe banana, maybe think of a way you can use it instead? Such as, cutting the apple and taking out the bruise? Freeze the banana and use it for a smoothie or use it in banana bread! Or purchase more wisely when you’re at the store, don’t purchase loads of fruits and veggies that will go bad before you eat them.

carton of eggs

4. Buy Local

This can be like shopping at farmers markets for produce, buying eggs/milk from the local farmer or purchasing from a local bakery (instead of a box of cookies at the store) when you don’t have time to bake something yourself! There are two reasons we think buying locally can be a good thing:

1) When you buy locally, you are supporting your community! (this one’s pretty simple, we don’t think we need to explain it much- who doesn’t want to live in a better community!)

2) Buying locally can help to reduce greenhouse gasses (those pesky little things causing global warming, we know you remember, but just in case, you’ve forgotten, like we tend to do with everything-wait, what were we saying…). When you purchase locally, you don’t have to transport the produce as far which means that the gasses that would have been emitted in transportation are now nonexistent! YAY! You’ve just helped save the planet! *plays superhero theme song*

We hope we helped you become a more sustainable baker! Did we miss something on our list? Do you have questions about our list? Or do you just want to chat (we wouldn’t blame you if you did, we’re pretty awesome 😉 …). In any case we’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment down below and say hi! Or you can pop on over to Instagram, where we spend most of our time stalking, looking at everyone’s beautiful baking! Or that Tweeter, we mean Twitter, you can laugh at us and our daily struggle to conquer this thing called social media! And if we see you the rest of the week or not, we hope you have a sweet week, safe travels, and may you always have a cookie in your cookie jar (or may it be empty cause you’ve eaten them all for dinner!)


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