24 Hours in Pittsburgh

We’ve grown to resent Pennsylvania over the years. We’d never really spent any time there, only endless hours in the car just trying to pass through to a much grander & greater (in our minds!) destination. We even, on occasion, refer to it as the state that never ends!

Why then did we decide to spend any time at all here, you ask? Well, there was a concert in Pittsburgh that we wanted to see! So, we packed up the Twins Mobile and hit the road.

We really had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, we didn’t even really get lost on the way in either! Unlike New York, where the streets are, for the most part, in a grid fashion, we felt as if the people of Pittsburgh had given a crayon to a toddler & let them draw the city streets. So, placing directionally impaired girls, who rely completely on Siri to tell us where to go was bound to be a disaster, right? Well, predictably, the answer is yes.


We got lost getting to our hotel, to our chagrin (although what else did we expect?) and the frustration of the man we asked for help. Then again,  while trying to get to the Milkshake Factory. Actually this one we passed and didn’t know how to get back (also, no parking spaces…), so we just got directions to the other one. And then one more time in Mt. Washington.


Actually, Mt. Washington was just a disaster all around. We took the Duquesne Incline cable car up to Mt. Washington. Well, you see, we didn’t realize it was exact change for a fair. So, we had just enough quarters to get up. Then, when we got to the top, we decided  to look for a place for lunch. Except, most places up there were cash only (or not open yet). Ya, we’d just spent our last few dollars on a chocolate chip cookie, that was $4! We’re still pretty salty about it. But we’d already wandered into this shop and we thought it’d be awkward if we didn’t buy anything, so we got the cookie thinking it’d be like $1, but it wasn’t. And to add insult to injury, it wasn’t even homemade. So, hungry, thirsty, and with no cash to get back down, we decided to just cut our losses and walk the 40 minutes back to the car. So, with Siri in the lead, we headed back down to the car. Except our directions took us down a road that no longer existed… that was grown over with weeds and was basically a jungle, in which a dirt beaver groundhog tried to attack us. That’s about when we headed back to the railcar, used the ATM & got tickets back down. And while, this turned out a great disaster for us, you can be more prepared when you go! Since we do recommend going, there is an amazingly beautiful view of the city and pretty houses.


And if you’ve been wondering who we saw in concert, well, it was Shawn Mendes. And we did feel sort of out of place as we weren’t screaming teenage girls (we thought we had gone deaf!) or a parent who was simply unimpressed with being there. Once the concert began, though, we had fun, and it was really great, he put on an amazing show & the visual effects (is that what they’re called? We don’t know… we’re talking about the screen thing they put behind the artist) were pretty!


So, what did we do in the rest of the 24 hours we weren’t lost or at the concert? Eat. Oh, you thought we were joking. We’re not. It was the best part of the trip! If there was only one reason to go to Pittsburgh, it’d be to eat! They have delicious food, especially in the Strip District. We had Croissant French Toast & the best Hash we’d ever eaten at Pamela’s Diner(get there early and be prepared to wait), Black Bean Burgers (piled high with sweet & sour coleslaw, french fries, and tomato- it sounds weird and we were weirded out at first, but it’s AMAZING!) at Primonti Brothers, and the best dairy-free milkshake (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle) we’ve ever eaten in our life! We’re serious, it was life changing and we can’t stop thinking about how delicious it was.


And if you do head to the Strip District, the parking is a nightmare, but it’s worth it! There’s so many shops, a candy store, a chocolate store, and a beautiful Cathedral (which our mom “stole”-she insists it was free for everyone- Holy water from… before throwing some on us to see if we were in fact demons- just to be clear, we’re not!)


So, now, we can say we no longer resent Pennsylvania, since whenever we do happen to pass through the state, we’ll be stopping at Primonti Brothers to grab a sandwich and The Milkshake Factory for a life changing dairy-free milkshake.

And if you’ve learned anything from this post, please let it be- when you go to Pittsburgh, be prepared to pay for parking everywhere you go & take plenty of cash! Oh & Siri has no idea what she’s talking about. 😉


We hope you enjoyed reading about our misadventure as we did being in it! Let’s chat! Chat at us, in the comments, Instagram, or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! Now, we’ll let you get back to your scheduled programming, but come back and visit soon! For now, we hope you have a great rest of the week, safe travels, and may you always have a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Milkshake in your hand!

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