Halloween Themed Cake

Halloween is tomorrow, everyone! When we were kids, we always loved Trick or Treat, what kid doesn’t love getting free candy? There was one guy in our neighborhood who dressed up as Dracula and handed out King Size candy bars- we loved him! We always made sure to hit up his house. We’ve dressed up as twins (it was soooo hard to find an outfit for this one! 😉 ), Teletubbies, Power Rangers (Wildforce!), babies, and even cheerleaders. Notice a theme here? We were never anything scary. Not only that, but we never went up to any of the scary houses (there was one house that had a bubble machine- that was more our thing), we’ve never been to a haunted house, and we refuse to watch scary movies (We even change the channel when a commercial for one comes on! The IT movie was a nightmare for us to watch TV, haha!). This year, we thought we’d go for something a little scary for our cake, though, and this was our result!


So, if your looking for a last minute dessert for tomorrow, we’ve got you covered! This cake is actually pretty easy to make, too! We’ve never worked with fake blood before & it was actually pretty creepy, it looks so real! We definitely did not play with said fake blood either… We mean, putting some on your hand and shouting: “OOWWW! I’ve just cut myself!” really loud is totally childish. And you bet we did it! 😉


So, let’s talk about the glass shards. They’re actually pretty easy to make! Remember when we made Sea Glass at the beginning of the year, after we went to the Outer Banks? It’s basically just that! Except you want to keep it clear so it looks like glass! This is also similar to what they use in movies for glass, when someone is supposed to break through it. We’re not exactly sure what they use, we’ve never been on a movie set! However, it’s pretty close to this! (pretty cool, right? We thought so, anyway!) You can break this glass with anything, really, but we suggest a meat mallet. We didn’t have a meat mallet on hand, so we just used a wooden spoon! One last thing we have to say about this: be CAREFUL with the glass after you break it, glass is sharp & so is it’s candy counterpart (take it from someone who’s cut themselves on sugar glass!)

Now, for the fake blood! It’s also easy to make as well! We found there are many ways to make edible fake blood while we were doing some research, but we found that we loved one in particular! We made ours out of a mixture of corn syrup, red food coloring, and some cocoa powder. There isn’t really any measurements we used, we just mixed the syrup, coloring, and cocoa together until we got the color we wanted. This way we found looked the best color wise and looked the most like real blood (it was so real looking, we couldn’t really eat it, but we could just be a little crazy, let us know what you think!).



2 6-inch red velvet cake

Sugar Glass shards

fake edible blood

Red Ganache (we used this recipe)

1 1/2 batches Buttercream, white


  1. Stack your cakes, putting about 1/4 in of frosting between each layer. Crumb coat your cake and let it refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  2. After it’s refrigerated, final coat your cake, making sure it’s as smooth as possible and then refrigerate it for about 20 minutes.
  3. Then, haphazardly place your sugar glass shards into the top of your cake, pressing down slightly to make sure they stay up right. Now, put your edible fake blood into a piping bag and pipe some onto your shards.
  4. Melt the ganache, place them into a piping bag and cut off a little bit of the end. Now, pipe it around the top of the cake, making sure some drips down the side, like you would with a ganache drip cake!

Check out the video below so you can see how we did it!

Seeing that we dressed up as Teletubbies has us questioning our whole childhood- those things were really creepy! We mean, they had a baby as a sun and a vacuum that picked up trash and pooped pancakes- or was it waffles? Anyway, it was quite the weird show & we wonder how we ever loved it as kids! Anyway, thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you again next week! Pop on over to our Instagram or Twitter and say hi! We’d love to hear from you and chat! Let us know what you dressed up for this Halloween or what the weirdest thing you dressed up for as a kid was!

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    October 30, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    That is one awesome cake! well done! (:

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