Thoughts on 2017

Okay, so we don’t have a new recipe this week, we thought we would do something a little different! This is going to be our last post of 2017, so we thought we’d take the chance to take a look back at everything we’ve done this year! We know it’s a bit cliché for bloggers, but we like the idea. We like being able to take a look back at everything that we’ve done. The year has gone by so fast and looking back is a great reminder of everything that you’ve done! And it’s a great time to reflect on how your year went and what you want to do differently next year, so let’s dive in!


Let’s start with the things that we DID this year and later we’ll chat about our favorite things we’ve baked this year. We started the year out by visiting the Outer Banks, where we shopped, saw sea turtles, and even saw some wild horses! We had so much fun! It might have been ridiculously cold, but we made the most of it, spending most of our time wandering around stores to stay warm, but, mostly, we had a blast! The beach is one of our favorite places to be, so cold or not we were going to be on the beach (and we even stuck our feet in!)


The last place we traveled to this year was Pittsburgh. We were only there for 24 quick hours because we were honestly just there to see Shawn Mendes, but while we were there, we ate the BEST black bean burgers at Primonti Brothers (seriously, if you’re in town, you have to eat here!) and we also had the best raspberry chocolate milkshake we’d ever eaten at the Milkshake Factory. Oh, and we did enjoy the concert, too (but the food was the real highlight for us!)

While we only traveled to two cities this year, we had a lot of fun in our own home state! We went to an Ed Sheehan concert (which was amazing- he has such a wonderful voice!), met Rosanna Pansino when she went on tour for her new baking line- and we refuse to show you the picture because we both look like red-face giants next to her (she is so tiny!), we went to John and Hank Green’s book tour show (if you don’t know who they are, check them out! John Green is one of our favorite authors and Hank is his hilarious brother, they have a YouTube channel together-vlogbrothers), and lastly, we participated in our first GISHWHES, which we actually drove out of state for, but most of it was done in our state, so it doesn’t count as travel! As two people who are shy and hate talking to people we don’t know, we regretted signing up until the week actually started and we got going. Once you get started, you don’t have time to eat or sleep (well, we didn’t since we also had finals and work that week!), let alone time to be shy or worry about what others think. That week, we made cookies for the local fireman, helped save rainforests in Nepal, helped raise money for a dance school in Africa, baked banana bread for a retirement home, made and wore a banana bikini, dressed up like Star Wars characters and ran through a mall, and attempted to find wombat poop to build a house out of. It was a crazy week, but we had so much fun!

We only got to travel to two cities this year, which is something that we’re trying to work on for next year! We already have two trips we know we’re taking and we’re working on figuring out two more! So, we know we want to do more traveling in 2018! But we also want to remember that we had just as much, if not more, fun without traveling, so we also want to continue to find adventure in our home state.

Okay, let’s chat about our three favorite desserts we baked this year! This is going to take us a minute, because we don’t even know what we had for breakfast this morning let alone what we baked way back in January…

Okay, we’re back and we think we’ve figured it out! And we’d like to note that these aren’t in any particular order. Actually it is in an specific order- the order we remembered baking them in:

  1. Vegan Ice Cream Cake

We mean, look at this cake, doesn’t it look delicious? Even though it’s like 30F here, we still want to dig into this ice cream cake.


2. Sugar Cookies

These are basically the best sugar cookies we’ve eaten and they’re our go to sugar cookie recipe that we’ve made so many times this year!

Sugar Cookies-2

3. Chocolate Turtle Cake

We don’t even need to say anything with this, just look at it and you’ll know why it’s on this list! Okay, I guess that means we’ve said something *sigh* you know what we’re trying to say! We’re going to shut up now so you can stare at this cake:


And that was our year, summed up in one blog post! We had so much fun this year and we can’t wait to see what we’ll be baking next year! Okay, so we know that we said this was going to be our last post of the year, but it’s actually going to be our last post for about a month. We know, we know, it’s a long time! But next week is Christmas Day and we won’t be posting, because we’ll be spending time with our family and after that we will be gone for 2 weeks in Texas. We’re going to be volunteering with All Hands and Hearts, so we won’t be able to post any recipes or anything while we are there. We’re also going to be working, so we’re going to be pretty sparse on Social Media (but we will be posting up until Christmas!). We won’t be posting any photos on Instagram, but keep a look out on our stories, we might be able to post on there or we might toss out a Tweet every once in a while.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back to posting regularly as soon as we get home!

Phew, That was so much! We think we all deserve a cookie after that long post. Thank you for reading it all! Don’t forget to chat with us. Let us know your thoughts on your year, what you’ve been baking, or where you’ve been traveling. You can shout at us on here, in the comments, on Instagram, or Twitter! We hope everyone has an amazing new year! See you in 2018!

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