5 Things to Do In Los Angeles

A Studio Tour

Los Angeles is the pinnacle of Hollywood. So, this is definitely going to be on the list! Hollywood is like a mystical beast to most people. We see the movies and tv shows, but we don’t really know how any of it works. These tours are a great way to get a peek between the curtain, to see how things are actually done. We love seeing how things like this are done, the process, so this was a definite must while we were here.

We went on a Paramount Studios tour while we were in Los Angeles and we definitely recommend it! Our tour guide was extremely nice and very knowledgeable in the studio’s history and the shows and movies that were/are filming there. We passed a stage where one of our favorite shows is filmed and they were actually in there filming. Yes, we fangirled. We tried to fangirl quietly, but I don’t think it worked. We also got to visit the set of Dr. Phil and Grace and Frankie. We got to see people setting up in the New York Backlot and we got to see the inside of a New York “building”. It was a great experience for anyone who loves to watch movies!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica was our favorite part of Los Angeles that we visited. We went to the Santa Monica Farmers Market, which is on Wednesdays in the morning and bought the freshest strawberries and raspberries we’ve ever had in our lives. We bought some fresh lemon and blood orange juices and set off with our breakfast.

Santa Monica Pier is a fun place to check out while your here as well. There are rides, shops, and entertainers along the boardwalk. And if for nothing else, it’s great for a good laugh at some of the performers who are there. We didn’t do any shopping or ride riding, we just walked up and down people watching and admiring the ocean. It was wonderful!

Next we headed off to the Santa Monica State Beach for a little walk. During which we got our pants soaked trying to just put our feet in the ocean. It’s so beautiful here. We could have walked along the beach all day! We actually walked along the path they have all the way to Venice Beach, it was just too pretty not to! Although we don’t particularly recommend this if you don’t have a bike, scooter, or at least a pair of walking shoes. We ended the day with faces as red as tomatoes and feet covered in more blisters than we would like to admit, but we’d do it all again if we could!

Pacific Coast Highway

If you rent a car in Los Angeles, this is a must! It might seem a little silly to go driving when you’ll be spending a large chunk of your time already stuck in traffic, but it is 100% worth it. We drove about an hour north, you’ll get to drive through Malibu before you make it out into the most beautiful road we have ever seen. Okay, well we don’t really know if the road is beautiful, but the scenery sure is! On the way back, we got out and stopped at almost every opportunity we could. It’s beautiful! I don’t think that we could say that enough, but it really is! We saw some dolphins jumping while we were driving along and you bet we definitely got out and watched them. After screaming from excitement like the little children that we are. It was the best part of the whole trip, we think.

The Last Bookstore

If you are a book lover (and even if you aren’t!) this is definitely someplace you’ll want to visit. They have more books then we think we’ve ever seen in one place before! And if thats not enough to convince you, they also have a tunnel that’s made of books, a heart shaped out of books, and their check out counter is even made out of books. There is even an art gallery you can look through, though we didn’t because we were too busy gawking at all the books. We swear, knowing the two of us, we could have easily gotten lost and we could have spent hours and hours browsing if hunger hadn’t called us away to get cupcakes for lunch at 4pm…

Eat Sustainably

While we were in Los Angeles, we tried to eat as sustainably as possible. The city made it pretty easy, by having such great options for us to choose from! The Albright sits on Santa Monica Pier and is the perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner after spending a couple of hours wandering around the pier and the surrounding beach. They have a little outside eating area which is perfect to soak up some more sun while you eat. (though we didn’t need any more of it as we were as fried as KFC chicken, we still found ourselves out there.) They serve mostly fish dishes, with a couple non-seafood options. We opted for the chicken tacos since we despise seafood. They were delicious! If you’re near Santa Monica definitely check this place out.

Yalla! is another great spot to eat at after a long day of driving around Los Angeles. We ate at the Burbank location, since it was about 10 minutes from where we were staying. We like to describe it as a Mediterranean Chipotle. You can build your own or order a combination they already have. We got the Street Wrap with Shalafel (falafel and chicken shawarma) with a side of potato salad and it was delicious! We can’t wait to go back and try something else of theirs.

Pono Burger was on our list of places to eat while we were there, but didn’t get a chance to. Even though we didn’t get a chance to try their burgers we thought we’d include it on our list since it looked so good! When we go back to LA we’re definitely going to hit up one of their locations and give it a try!   

Bonus: Residential Streets

We don’t think it would be a trip to Los Angeles without seeing some fancy, beautiful homes! That’s why we’ve included this 6th, bonus, thing to do. The homes here are so beautiful that it’s totally worth your time to drive around and gawk at them, especially if you’re in the Beverly Hills or Malibu areas.

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