3 Places to Eat Sustainably in Atlanta

Last week we posted about 5 Things to Do in Los Angeles and this week we’re going to be talking about where to eat sustainably in Atlanta! It took us a minute, but we’re finally getting the last post up about the week we spent in Atlanta and Los Angeles (yes, we know they are basically on opposite sides of the country and yes, you are about the 50th person to point that out today…)

1. Upbeet

We have always made fun of people who buy smoothie bowls. “You can make those at home!”, we always said. While we were in Atlanta, though, we stopped by Upbeet for lunch and really, really wanted a smoothie, so we found ourselves joining these people we had made fun of and got smoothie bowls. And it has completely changed our opinion on them! It was the best smoothie we’d ever eaten and we’re now huge fans of smoothie bowls. And the next time we’re in Atlanta, we’ll definitely be stopping here for another one!

Even though we just had their smoothie bowls, they also have other things that you could stop in to eat for lunch or dinner. They also have salads, grain bowls, yogurt bowls, or toast.

2. YEAH! Burger

We popped into Yeah! Burger for dinner one evening and split the YEAH! Burger with a side of french fries and Onion Rings (or the Fifty-Fifty as they call it) and coleslaw. We’re typically not huge fans of beef burgers (we prefer black bean burgers over anything else), but we found that we enjoyed this one! And we loved the french fries and onion rings (we mean how can you mess those up, right?) The coleslaw was one of those things that wasn’t like the coleslaw that we were used to, so we found it kind of weird, but we still liked it. We joked around that we hated that we liked it because it was so weird!

Yeah! Burger has two locations in Atlanta and is definitely worth a visit while you’re there! And it’s actually owned by the same company that owns Upbeet, too.

3. Buttermilk Kitchen

You’re in the South and you MUST eat southern food while you’re there! Why not eat sustainable southern food? We went to breakfast at the Buttermilk Kitchen before a long day of adventure. We had granola, grits, a chicken biscuit, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Everything was absolutely delicious! And sometimes we still find ourselves thinking about those grits…

Parking here can be kind of difficult to find because they don’t have very many spaces, but with patience you might be able to find a close one, or there is a little shopping center right across a little street, you may be able to park in while your having breakfast!


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