How to Make Infinity War Cookies

Dishes cover the whole counter without an inch of room for anymore. They’re encased in royal frosting of every color we could think of, dried and freshly made splattered everywhere. And did we mention the dishes already in the sink and the ones we’ve washed along the way?

The dining room table has a fan blowing on it, setting the cookies that cover it. And there are some on a cooling rack, cooling over there in the corner, hanging on for dear life to the edge of the table. Our fingers and hands are covered in food coloring of every color we own, there’s frosting on our shirts and probably in our hair and we don’t even want to talk about the frosting we’re going to have to scrub off our marble or the tablecloth we may have just ruined.

This was the scene of our house when we were finally done making these cookies. And if we’ve just scared you away from ever attempting to make these cookies, or anything else from our blog frankly, let us apologize now before we go any further. We’d also like to point out that we fully believe that anyone, literally anyone could make these cookies without making the mess we managed to make. We tend to roll through the kitchen like little Tasmanian Devils, not caring to clean up until we realize we need something that we unnecessarily dirtied 20 minutes ago.

When we started making these cookies we were convinced that they probably wouldn’t turn out because we could never pull this off. And while yes, making these cookies we used every bowl and spoon we own, they turned out really good! We may or may not have squealed from excitement at how these looked. Oh, and don’t forget the jumping up and down, too.

We are so excited about the Infinity War movie coming out this week. We’ve got our tickets to go see it Thursday night and we’ve been counting down the days for two weeks already. If we hadn’t made something for this movie, we probably would have exploded from excitement.

Now, making these cookies weren’t all squeals and excitement. We did get pretty frustrated trying to make Spider-man and Guardians of the Galaxy cookies. The Guardian Cookies didn’t turn out as well as we would have liked-we’re going to keep trying!- but for now check out this tutorial on how to make them. But, in the end, nothing could keep us from being, probably overly, excited about these cookies, and we hope you are too!

This week, we don’t have step-by-step instructions, this post is a little different than normal. We thought that it would be difficult to both understand and write, not to mention way longer than you probably want to read, to give instructions on how to decorate each one of these cookies. So instead of making you sit through that, we thought we’d make a video to show you how to do it!

What superhero cookies did we make, you ask? Well, we made Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and the Avengers A. (we didn’t make everyone who’s going to be in Infinity War, because if we did, we would have been at this for DAYS!) You can find the stencils that we used to make the Black Panther, Thor, and Avengers A, down below. Make sure when cutting these, use a sharp knife! For the rest of the cookies, we used a 3 in round cookie cutter. We suggest using Americolor coloring, it’ll help to get a darker color than any other food coloring we’ve used before. Okay, shall we get started?

What You’ll Need:

3 in round cookie cutter

stencils for Black Panther, Thor, and the Avengers A

Pastry Bags

# 2 Wilton tip

Royal Frosting, colored: Purple, Grey, Brown, Black, White, Orange, Light Blue, Red. *

Sugar cookie Dough colored: Red, Blue, Not Colored**

*You want to have only a little bit of the brown, orange, and light blue since you won’t be using a lot of it

**You want the most to be the non colored dough, because the majority of your cookies are going to be made using this. Then red will be the next most and blue will be a little bit. We made a double batch of our favorite sugar cookies and made 3/4 of it plain and the other 1/4 split between red and blue.

Ready to make some cookies? We promise it’s not as har as we made it seem! Alright, roll up those sleeves it’s time to dive in!

PS: And if you don’t think that we’re going to be sneaking these cookies into the theater when we watch Infinity War on Thursday, then think again! 😉 Have an amazing week and see you at the movie theater on Thursday!

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