Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a new recipe in a while! We have been pretty active over on our Instagram, so make sure you follow us there if you want even MORE content 😉

So, to apologize for not being on here for quite a minute, we’re posting a new summer cupcake recipe that we know you’ll love, Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes! Have you ever wanted to make strawberry shortcake for a party, but also wanted it to be hand held? Well, these are the perfect part shortcake! And they can also be customizable to ANY fruit for the summer. Blueberries? Yes! Peaches? Yes! Raspberries? Yes! The possibilities are endless! And we’d keep going on, but we figure eventually you want to get to the recipe, yeah?

We drove to New York City a couple of weeks ago (we even got to try a cronut!) and on the way home we stopped at Hershey World in Pennsylvania. Well, wouldn’t you have stopped too? A store that smells like chocolate? Sells more chocolate than we thought possible? And not to mention they have a ride that takes you through the chocolate making process in which you get a free piece of candy at the end? Yes, please! Okay, to be honest, we stopped by for the ride and the free candy, but all the other stuff is great too… So we stocked up on some candy and a cupcake (that was our lunch, haha!) for the rest of the drive and hit the rode. We survived on the essential 5 C’s during that drive: Candy, Cupcakes, Chips, Chicken (the fried kind!), and Carbonated Beverages.

We know, we know, that’s really unhealthy and not on topic, so we’ll move along to the point we were trying to make! Which is that we saw cupcakes similar to these while at Hershey World and decided that we needed to make the homemade version!

For these cupcakes, we used the pie filling recipe from Genius Kitchen, which is delicious and can be eaten just by the spoonful, not that we tried or anything…

When you’re frosting, you can either make the “wall” two or one swirls high. We chose to make ours two that way we could get some more strawberries on each of our cupcakes!


Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

These cupcakes are the perfect summer party dessert! You'll be wondering why you haven't made them before. And they are completely customizable to your favorite fruit!


  • 1 recipe Strawberry Pie Filling (see above for the recipe we used)
  • 1 batch our buttercream recipe
  • 24 yellow or white cupcakes


  1. Start by using a number 2 wilton tip and piping a border of buttercream frosting, either one or two swirls high, around each cupcake.

  2. Fill each cupcake with the strawberry pie filling. Bam you're done already!


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