A Love Letter to Christmas

There’s glitter covering the carpet around you. When you look down, it’s covering your shirt, your pants, and your socks with little Santa’s on them. And as you go to take a drink of your hot chocolate, you see a couple flakes floating in there as well. You’ve just finished decorating the Christmas tree, and, at this point, you’re thinking that the Christmas tree has won. Who’s idea was it to cover the tree in glittered ornaments anyway?

But as you look around at your friends and family in cozy sweaters and Santa hats, drinking hot cocoa and laughing, you don’t seem to care about the glitter you probably just drank or that it’s in your hair or all the cups you’ll have to wash later. Those are a problem for another time. Right now all you can do is join in on the laughter and joy that’s all around you.

Growing up we loved Christmas (and we still do!). We used to be WAY too excited to ever go to sleep and we would wake up at obscene o’clock in the morning because we couldn’t sleep anymore. We just wanted to get downstairs, open our presents, drink special juice (cranberry and orange juice!), and eat cinnamon rolls. In fact, we weren’t allowed to wake up our parents until 7 am, at the earliest, so our brother and us would sneak downstairs to look at the presents and play on our PlayStation 2 until we were allowed to wake up our parents and open presents.

When we were younger, we didn’t know what we loved so much about Christmas, just that we did. The Presents? Family? The Cookies? Now that we’re older, we don’t think it’s any of those things. It’s the holiday season that we love so much. Every thing during this time of year has a little sparkle about it. It seems so much better and brighter. The thing we love the most about the Christmas season is that everyone is so much kinder, it’s the holiday spirit. In a world where everyone has a reason to be jaded and it’s all too easy to be mean or cruel than it is to be kind and caring, it’s a wonderful change that we love to see. What would the world be like if everyone was just a little bit kinder all year round?

So, while we love to bake (and the baking sales!) it’s the spirit of the holiday that we love, the fact that everyone loves a little more openly and is a little more kind. It makes the world a nicer and a more wonderful place to live, if even only for a couple of weeks!

What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season? What’s your favorite time of the year? Let us know in the comments! (And maybe also let us know what you’re going to be baking, we are in desperate need of some inspiration this Christmas!)

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