Goals for 2019

We’re not ones for making new years resolutions, because we both know there’s no way we’ll keep them. We’ll make a resolution to get into better shape and by January third we’re eating cake for breakfast. Or we make a resolution to be better at posting and being interactive on instagram and soon enough we haven’t posted in like 3 days. Resolutions, for us at least, are too vague. What does “be in better shape” mean? How do you measure that? Thats why we’re setting goals for 2019. These are things that we’ll be able to measure and see our progress at the end of the year—we’ll know how we did.

glass bottle of coca-cola with a small container of ice cream sitting on a rock by a river

1. Posts

So, here is one of our goals for 2019: post at least once a month on our blog! These last couple of months, we haven’t posted very much. And we have loads of excuses that we could throw at you. But as our grandma says, excuses are like buttcracks, everyone’s got one. So, we won’t bother you with them. We just promise to be better at posting. (We have this whole years worth of posts planned and we’re really excited about them all!) This way, we will have less posts, but they will be better quality!

2. Environmentally Friendly

We turned this blog toward a more eco-friendly/environmentally sustainable place and we are going to be infusing more of that into our posts- places to eat, how to bake, and how to live a little more sustainably. You can read more about that on our Start Here Page if you want!

rocky beach with blue water and cliff in the distance

3. Time Management

Between school, work, and our blog, we don’t have a lot of free time, so time management is crucial. However, it’s something we’re quite poor at. We have so much to do and sometimes we’ll find ourselves spending an hour scrolling through memes on Instagram here and an hour watching Brooklynn Nine-Nine there and it all adds up to us getting ABSOLUTELY nothing done! So, this year, we’re determined to be a little better about how we use our free time. So, we’re going to spend at least one day a week working on our blog and making everything better for y’all!

4. Social Media

Speaking of time management, one thing we’re not the best at is posting on social media. So, we’re going to be posting on our instagram at least 3 times a week and sharing our posts and recipes (and just natural disasters of our day) over on Twitter too!

small lighthouse at the end of a wooden pier

Thanks for reading! We hope to see more of you this year! Let us know in the comments what some of your goals for 2019 are! (Also, these pictures have nothing to do with our goals, just something for you to look at while you read!) If you want to get our new posts straight to your inbox, you can sign up to get an email every time we post over in the side bar! –>

Hope everyone has a great week and we’ll see you over on Instagram and Twitter and back here next month!


  1. Jim Perine (Coach P)

    January 12, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    My goal is simple – make it to more of my sister’s softball games (she’s associate head coach at Missouri State). We went to Evansville last year and had a grand time, want to make more games this year, which means travel!

    1. unchartedbakers

      January 20, 2019 at 11:11 am

      This sounds like so much fun! We haven’t played softball in years, but watching is still fun! (And if it means travel, then we’re there!) And getting to see family is always great!

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