NYC: Food Edition

We’re back this month with a new post about our recent trip to NYC! Do you remember the last time we went to NYC? Getting there didn’t go much better this time either… But, we aren’t here to talk about how it took us almost 2 hours to get from the LaGuardia to our hotel in Brooklyn (while lugging around suitcases and heavy backpacks), we want to talk about some of the delicious food we ate while we were there. Mostly, this is an excuse for us to talk about how much we love Levain Bakery!

chocolate chip walnut cookie from levain bakery

We’re apart of a baking Facebook group that raves about this bakery. The last two times we’ve been in NYC, we’ve completely missed out on visiting, either because we didn’t know about it at the time or simply because we ran out of time to visit. However, this time around, we were determined to visit if it was the last thing that we did. Give us cookies or give us death! So, after walking 30 blocks (this might have been the worst decision we made all weekend, but in our defense, it didn’t seem that long on the map!), we got to the bakery and hopped into line.

double chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery

Yes, there was a line, but it didn’t take that long, the line actually moved pretty quickly! To be honest, we would have waited hours in line to eat one of these cookies, they were that good! We bought the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie. They were warm and gooey with crispy edges and a middle that was a tad under baked. It was one of the best cookies we’ve ever eaten! And we’ll be making a stop back in the next time we venture to NYC.

Now that we’ve raved about the cookies, we can tell you how delicious the Chinese food we ate was! While we were running around NYC, we stopped in Chinatown to check out the stores and eat (of course!) and had some of the best Chinese food of our lives. If you’re in Lower Manhattan and craving some Chinese food, 21 Shanghai House is definitely a place you should stop!

plate of lo mein

And of course a trip to NYC isn’t complete without a stop at Shake Shack! We had this devoured in about 5 minutes because it was our first real meal of the day. A half a bag of pretzels of Bugles at the airport at 3:30am and half of a pretzel for lunch don’t keep you full for long!

tray of burgers, fries, and a milkshake from Shake Shack

We didn’t just eat while we were in NYC (though we wouldn’t argue if thats the only thing we got to do)! We also visited the Public Library on 42nd St and 5th Ave, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Union Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Our ride to visit the lady was quite the adventure because Not only was it super windy that day, but while we were docked, waiting to leave, the boat started to rock so violently that at one point, looking out the window, we saw water, then sky, then back down to water, then back to sky. It was terrifying. We thought we might end up in the water 😉

Times Square

NYC is one of our favorite places to visit. We love the sounds and the hustle of people running around trying to get somewhere. We love the subway in all its disgustingly rat infested glory. And we love the adventure we get into each time we visit. There’s nothing quite like popping up out of the subway to the sounds of people talking, driving, and cars honking.

Until next time New York!

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