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Who Are We?

Okay, first, we should probably tell you who we are! We are Ashley & Georgia and we started UnchartedBakers as a way to share our passion of Baking (and the occasional ramble about our latest travel adventure!) with you! We get so excited about baking it should probably be embarrassing. In a crowd, if we even here a whisper of baking or see some kind of cookie, you can bet we’re going to be like blood hounds, sniffing it out until we find said cookie. Besides being huge baking nerds, we’re actually just huge nerds in general. If we aren’t baking, you can probably find us with our nose in a book or with our faces glued to the TV as we binge watch our latest favorite show.

Okay, we should probably go ahead and answer the only question you actually want answered: Are we twins? Yes, we are! No, we’re not identical. Georgia is 28 minutes older than Ashley. And we honestly can’t explain what it’s like to be twin, as we’ve always been twins and therefore have no idea what it’s like to not be a twin. Alright, I think thats enough about us though! Let’s get to what really matters!

What is Sustainability?

Before we get into any of our recipes or anything, lets talk about what sustainability actually means and why it’s important! In short, it basically just means producing and consuming in ways that don’t harm the environment and can be used in the long-term. This could be as small as using a reusable water bottle, so that plastic ones don’t end up in the oceans. It could be as big as not over exploiting farm land and resources. The people of the world (and especially in developed countries) tend to use more resources than they have produced. Sustainability is the practice of producing what we want and need, but still making sure that the product and land is still there for future generations.

Not only do we focus on sustainability, but also eco-friendly. Products and processes that are also nice to the environment and continue to protect it. Eco-friendly is also a part of sustainability. We need to protect the earth in order to keep using it!

Why Is It Important to Us?

In the last couple of years, we have been able to travel more. To both cities and national parks. Each time we travel, we fall a little more in love with the earth- it’s diversity and beauty- and also with the people in it. As we traveled (especially in the forests, trails, and outdoor places we visited) we noticed that there was always a story about how it had changed- and not always for the better- and how people are trying to reverse the change. People are almost always the cause. So, our dive into attempting to be more sustainable was a slow descent, but now we are trying to commit to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as we possibly can. We want future generations to be able to enjoy chocolate (can you imagine a world with out it? we sure can’t!), apples, vanilla, forests, mountains, and the ocean. We want the world to be a better, cleaner place, and that starts with us.