Homemade Croissants

We love croissants! We love them with egg and bacon sandwiches, chicken salad, jam, or anything really, they’re just delicious. One of our favorite ways to eat them is with homemade strawberry jam. Given that we love them so much, we have been on a quest to make delicious croissants. So, wishing we were in France, making these, we gave it a go.013-edited

This was our result! We used the recipe from King Arthur Flour, and we loved them! Their recipe is fairly straightforward and we found that it was quite simple to follow. This is the recipe that we will continue to use when we have a craving for a little piece of France! Did you know that you can make croissants with or without yeast? The ones made with yeast are Croissants de Boulanger which are Baker’s Croissants. The croissants made with no yeast are called Croissants de Pâtissier which means Pastry Chef’s croissants. We prefer the baker’s croissants better, but give them both a try and decide for yourself! 


When you are making croissants, you have to roll them out multiple times. When doing this, it is important to keep the dough cool so that the butter doesn’t melt. If you have a marble pastry slab then roll your dough out on this! Marble pastry slabs can be kind of expensive (the cheapest one we found was $50)

Our homemade strawberry jam right out of the freezer.
Our homemade strawberry jam right out of the freezer.

However, you don’t have to spend all of that money for one! We went to a place near our house that makes custom marble and granite counter tops. We asked them what they do with their extra pieces of marble from cutting the counter tops. They just throw them away, so they said that we could have some of the marble for free, and if we wanted them to cut it down we would have to pay $20. This is a much cheaper way to get a marble pastry slab!!

All you need to do with it is clean it with rubbing alcohol, and there you go! Now, if it ever stains, you can use polident dissolved in water to clean it. If you get stains on your board from making chocolate fudge, you can clean it with toothpaste!! So weird right?!? Every time we look at our pastry slab we can’t help but smile!!


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