Mammoth Cave National Park

We are so excited about this post because it is our very first travel post!! Our entire family loved everything about Mammoth Cave (except of course the 90 degree weather…)!! In addition to being able to go under ground and see the amazing caves, there are plenty of hiking trails and a few driving trails. We were on a quest to get as many amazing pictures of the scenery as possible so we decided to take all of the trails with overlooks, which ended up being about two.

Our favorite lookout, Sunset Point
Our favorite overlook, Sunset Point

Our favorite overlook was Sunset point. Obviously,the best time to go to this overlook is at sunset, but its still beautiful at any other time of the day! Sunset Point is a quick and easy walk on Heritage Trail, which is an easy loop that you can finish walking when your done at Sunset Point. We however had the grand idea to take the River Styx Spring Trail back (bad decision, really). While walking down to the River Styx wasn’t too bad (although hot and sticky out), it was the climb back up that was killer. It was super foggy out, which was cool to see, and so seeing the River Styx was pretty cool. Now, the climb back up was pretty terrible. It was about a mile uphill, and not just uphill, but it was fairly steep! However on this trail, you pass the Historic Entrance to the caves (which is always 54F), so that was a bit of a nice reprieve from the hot weather, and gave us renewed vigor to finish our walk turned hike.

The Green River Overlook
The Green River Overlook

The second overlook we went too was on the Green River Bluffs Trail. This trail wasn’t too bad and it gave you the opportunity to see a beautiful view of the Green River. We also went on some scenic drives while we were there, which were basically roads that wound through the forest. However we did go on one that we found to be pretty exciting, the Maple Springs Loop. It’s in the backwoods section of the park, which you have to ride a car ferry over the Green River to get to (which we though was fun). We found this loop fun because it was a little like off-roading! πŸ™‚

Green River Ferry
Green River Ferry

Mammoth Cave National Park has a lot of beautiful scenery and is abundant in wildlife. While we were there, there were butterflies everywhere we went. We saw a lot of wild turkeys and a lot of deer (and we mean a lot). There was one deer that we had dinner with every night. We ate dinner in the picnic area and every night she was there walking around. So, we named her Margaret, and ate dinner with her!

Sloan's Crossing Pond Walk
Sloan’s Crossing Pond Walk

Not only is there beautiful scenery, but of course there is miles and miles of caves to explore ( about 400 to be exact!) While we were there we went on 2 cave tours, The Domes and Dripstones tour and the Historic Tour. We loved both of them! It’s amazing to be able to see that nature made all of this. It’s wonderful! We didn’t take our camera with us on these tours, we simply just lived in the moment and soaked in the beauty! So, we don’t have any pictures to share with you, we want you to go and experience it! If you only want to do one tour while your there, we recommend the Historic Tour. We liked this one better out of the two, but both were wonderful. Don’t be afraid, they might say that a tour is moderate, but we found that its not that bad (just a lot of stairs in some places)!


We hope that you do get to go here because we thought that it was wonderfully beautiful and a great experience!


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