Apple Picking and Desserts

It has been feeling a lot like fall! We went Apple picking last week, so we had a lot of them- more than we could eat between the two of us! What should we do with them???? Bake of course! So, we spent the weekend baking some delicious apple desserts.

First, apple picking. When we left to go, it was pretty warm out, by the time we got to the fruit farm it was like in the upper 60s, so here we go out picking apples, in our shorts and t-shirts, while in this fall like weather…..

On our way home, we got stuck in rush hour traffic šŸ˜¦ so, with the drive there and the long drive back we were traveling longer than we were picking apples, but, hey, it was worth it! šŸ™‚


We started by making some apple crisp cookies (or we called them mini apple crisp pizzas)


We made a pie crust and used a wide mouth mason jar to cut out the circles, put chopped up apples on it and then topped it with apple crisp topping. Now, apple crisp topping is our favorite part, so we put a lot on top. šŸ™‚


Then we baked them for about 20 minutes at 350F. These little apple crisps are so delicious especially drizzled with caramel sauce!


Next, we made Apple scones. We haven’t really made scones before, but we used the King Arthur Flour recipe (without the cinnamon chips), and it was delicious!


The recipe uses apple sauce in it, which we thought was going to be weird, but it turned out really good! šŸ™‚


Caramel!! Who doesn’t love caramel? We added some caramel drizzle to the top of one of the scones, and it made them even better! (was that even possible??)


Our last, and favorite dessert that we made were these Caramel and Apple Oat Bars. These were phenomenal!


The best way to describe these are kind of like an apple crisp bar, or as our brother said, Apple crisp with a caramel apple inside. And we think that this is the best description!

We decided to take these outside and picture them in the grass, which was fun, until a spider started crawling on the plate, eeeeekkkk! After our slight freak out, we got back to it (probably with all the neighbors staring at us) and got some good shots.


We picked a lot of apples and we only used a few of them to make these, so we will be eating apples for the rest of the week! (not that we’re complaining, since Honeycrisps are our favorite!)


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