The Perfect Sunset Photo

We have decided that our next adventure is going to be finding the perfect sunset shot!


We love watching the sunset, or even the sunrise (especially on the beach). We just love pictures that have sun rays, and sun in them, they are so pretty! Whenever we are traveling, we always see at least one sunset or a sunrise to take pictures of, that’s how much we love them šŸ™‚


So we figured that this was the perfect undertaking for us. The thing we love about this next adventure is that it will never end! There will always be another sunset, another chance for a picture, another chance to get an even better picture.

The sunset off of a near by building

We plan to travel around where we live to get photos here, but also when we want to make sure that we get some pictures while we travel!


From time to time we will update you on our progress and share our pictures with you!We hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as we do. Share your sunset pictures with us on instagram @travelingtwinbakers. We would love to see them! But for now, you can check out the rest of our sunset pictures below:


042 056 060


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