Travel Wish List

We’re going to take this post to share our travel wish list, so basically the whole world! 🙂 But, we’ll narrow it down to the top places that we want to visit (or at least the ones we can think of right now). So, without further introduction, here they are:

  • Africa

We want to visit here because it’s so beautiful and there’s so much wildlife here that you can view (giraffes!!!). We just can’t justify never going here.

  • Yosemite National Park

Theres no particular reason for this other than that it’s beautiful and we want to see it in real life.

  • Barcelona, Spain

So, when we were little kids we loved the Cheetah Girls (were we the only ones?? we hope not!), and they went to Barcelona Spain in the second movie. We have wanted to go ever since then!

  • London

Our main goal when we go to England is to visit anything that has to do with Harry Potter. That’s not the only reason though, we also have a great love for England (not just London), we don’t know why but if we could live here, we probably would (maybe thats just the Harry Potter fans in us coming out?)

  • Neuschwanstein Castle

We have an affinity for castles, we love visiting them, and our dream is to live in one (who doesn’t want to live in a castle??). Anyway this is just one castle that we can’t pass up visiting.

  • New Zealand

We fist wanted to visit New Zealand after reading/watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, we wanted to visit the place LotR was filmed and visit the Hobbit village that is there. However, we quickly found out that it was probably the most beautiful place in the entire world, and we want to explore every inch of this beautiful country!

  • Scotland

The main reason that we want to visit this country is because we here that it has castles! Also, its quite beautiful, and one goal in life is to visit as many beautiful places that we can!

That was just a few of the places that we want to visit, in no particular order, and we tried not to make it too long, but its hard to pick just a few places, or countries. We don’t care when we get to visit these places as long as we get to visit them! This list is never ending because there is an infinite amount of wonderful places in the world to visit, so we won’t stop exploring the world. So here’s to the next great adventure! 🙂

*We found these pictures on google images*


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