Fall: Our Favorite Season?

Our many loves of fall include pumpkin desserts (or pumpkin anything), sweaters, campfires, and the changing colors of the leaves. This weekend, we went in search of the perfect fall picture.


We searched high, low, far, and close, whether or not we found the perfect picture is still up for debate, but we had fun whilst out and about, and that, my friends, is the only thing that truly matters!


The very top picture is during sunset up on a lookout at a nearby park. The walk up there is not our favorite since it’s basically all up hill and gives you quite the workout (especially for the crazies we see running up the hill, how they do it we will never know). Once you get up there, it’s quite beautiful and totally worth the effort. The second picture is of a pond that we found while out and about, and we thought that it was the perfect little spot for a picture (no hike required!)


Above is a picture of the sunset from the lookout in the first picture. We stayed to watch it, and even explored a little and found a new little secluded area to watch the sunset from. Below is a picture of a path that we walked during our shenanigans. We thought that we were alone here, and I (Ashley) threatened Georgia if she didn’t listen to me (grown up, i know), until we realized there was an elderly couple sitting there. We quickly took our pictures and left.


So, that is what we were up to all weekend, basically just running around and getting ourselves lost, and generally just having fun. In answer to whether fall is our favorite season? We conclude that yes it is, but only by a slim margin beating summer (if it’s not tied) There’s just too much about it that we love for it not to be our favorite!


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