NYC (part 1): Traveling Trauma?

New York City has been on our traveling list for a very long time. While we were there we only visited Manhattan, not any other of the boroughs. It’s the backdrop for many a movie that we have watched, and we grew up loving GMA (weirdos, we know!). So, this winter we decided to take a little trip over to the Big Apple. And well, this adventure wasn’t a smooth one.


Troubles with this trip began a while before we even left for NYC. We decided we would give airbnb a try, we had heard that this was a great way to travel and interact with the locals. After a long while of us sifting through different places to stay at, we finally requested to book one, and the request got accepted, yes! We were ready to go! Until about 2 weeks before our trip (we were on top of it and booked about a month in advance), wasΒ cancelled. With not so much as a peep from the lady we booked with. So, we decided to forgo airbnb for this trip and just book with a hotel. Which we successfully did (yes!). We don’t know if these kinds of cancellations happen often with airbnb but we didn’t want to try our luck and risk another cancellation.


For the trip, we decided to rent a car. So, the night before we left we went to the airport to pick up our rental. When we got there the man at the counter informed us that they couldn’t give us a car, even though we had already paid for it. Are you serious?!?!?!?! While this was aggravating beyond reason, we didn’t let it get us down, we had a car that was in perfect working order, and we could just get our money back, right? Wrong! How naive we were πŸ˜‰ Next morning, we got everything ready to go into the car and went out to start the car. It wouldn’t start! At this point most people would probably take the hint not to go and just stay home. But us, in our perseverance or stupidity (you pick the adjective here), went to a different car rental service, and rented a car (this one let us, woohoo!) Now that we finally got it all packed we were ready to go! Except, we couldn’t figure out how to start the freaking car (lol πŸ™‚ ). We felt like the stupidest people int the world. The car we rented was a Prius and apparently after you turn the key you have to press the gas to start it? Well, we had no idea and had to google it (yes, we actually googled it!). Now, we were off! We finally got to New York later that evening without manyΒ more mishaps. Now, when we finally checked into our hotel, we were exhausted, and ready to go to bed. (at this point we were expecting them to not let us check in after all the troubles we had already had) We went to our room and took a peek around, discovering that there were bugs in our shower. While we don’t think that they were bed bugs, the thought had already crossed our mind, we couldn’t hang. So, the man at the front desk gave us another room to stay in (which was bigger, bonus!), and it didn’t have bugs in the shower, we were happy.


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