Washington, D.C

Washington D.C.: we have been here before, but it has been a really long time, and we wanted to explore more than just the mall! So, we decided to give it another go. It has been a dream of ours to go to D.C. during the 4th of July, but it was out of the question due to summer classes (insert *sigh* and eye roll). We figured that Memorial Day weekend was second best and booked our hotel! And we loved every minute of it, despite the fact that it was hotter than Hades Hellfire every day. Don’t worry though, it gave us a reason to buy popsicles from the street vendors! Although none of those vendors had Original Pringles, which we were craving and desperately needed… thanks mini bar for setting us up for that one 🙁  IMG_2883

Georgetown is a place that we have been wanting to explore, and, boy, we were not disappointed! It has many brick sidewalks, which are very cute, especially the one pictured above. This is one of our favorite pictures from D.C. since it’s so cute! While you’re here, we recommend stopping by the Waterfront park for a rest. You can play in a little mini water fountain area or stick your feet in the Potomac river and watch as boats and kayakers drift on by. Overall, Georgetown was great and we recommend it to everyone! There is not much parking here, so we took the metro (you can also take a bus). This is what we would recommend that you do. This way, you don’t have to deal with finding a parking space, which we would imagine would be quite hard! 🙂


One of our favorite things about D.C. is that there are a lot of free things to do, especially in the National Mall. All of the museums here are free, which means that for a budget friendly trip all you have to pay for is accommodation, transportation and food! We got a hotel that was close to Union Station and walked most places that we went, amassing about 10 miles per day (hello sore feet!), so we definitely recommend tennis shoes for this trip! However, we don’t recommend that you eat in any of the museums because it is REALLY expensive. We didn’t visit any of the museums this time, however we did stop in for a little snack of 2 bags of chips and a chocolate soy milk which cost us about $10. Yup, $10 for some chips and a soy milk. Also, don’t forget sunscreen, did that, and still paying for it….


Not only are the museums free, but so are the monuments and memorials. We suggest seeing these twice: while you’re walking around the mall for museums and then again after dark. The memorials are the best at night, they’re all lit up and almost look majestic, they are so much more beautiful! If you can only see them once: we would definitely say at night is the better choice! Also, the Lincoln Memorial is our favorite. There might be a lot of steps, but once you get to the top, it’s totally worth it! You can look out at the Washington Monument, and see the reflecting pool. It’s just so pretty!


The picture above is our FAVORITE part of the tip: the Library of Congress. For every book lover, this is an absolute must do. Above is the main room of the many, many reading rooms that they have. And it’s so beautiful! I thought that I knew what I wanted my home library to look like, but this just changed everything. I must have a library like this… Too bad they hold these books like a dragon does its gold, and we couldn’t go in to look at any of these babies. If we had, we probably never would have come out, so on second thought, it’s probably a good thing… However, you can have a look at Thomas Jefferson’s Library, well some of it any way, and it was pretty awesome. We spent more time in there than any normal human probably would have cared to, but hey, when in Rome, right??


It was Memorial Day, so taking part in some festivities was a must! We went to the Memorial Day concert, which was pretty awesome. It was rainy, so there wasn’t a lot of people compared to how many there normally are. We watched The Beach Boys preform which was cool even though we only knew one song, and Katherine McPhee sang America the Beautiful (which is what we really wanted to see, who else watches Scorpion???). But not only that, the stories that were told were cool as well. We also went to the parade, which we will never ever ever do again. For starters we aren’t huge fans of parades anyway, but when you add in a super hot day, and way way too many people that shove to the front so that you can’t see, it was even worse. We got outta there before the parade was over (although we did see Chef Irvine), bought some frozen lemonade and wandered around until we found our hotel.

I mentioned above that we took the metro a couple times, which is actually really easy after the first time you use it. You buy a smart card (which is $2) and then load however much you want on it via cash or credit card. You can either add simply the amount you need for that trip or you can add enough money for your whole trip. We did ours by use, so that we didn’t put too much on but either ways is pretty easy. After that you just need to look at a map of the subway, find your destination and decide what train and which direction you need to get on (there is a red, blue, yellow, silver, green, and orange lines). It might sound confusing or intimidating, but it’s really not! If you do get on the wrong train, just hop on another train in the right direction. You are only charged from where you get on and off, so you can ride as long as you want as long as you don’t leave.

Thank you for reading! Questions about D.C.? Ask us in the comments below, email us, or get ahold of us on instagram @travelingtwinbakers. We would gladly answer them! And look for another D.C. post next week, this one talking about bakeries we visited and places we ate! 😛

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