Cookies: A Sugar Experiment

Hello, y’all! How was your weekend? We hope this post finds you having a wonderful Monday (if not, we hope it makes your day a little better)!

You know how just about everyone is in the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookies? Well, we’ve joined the horde. But we are going about it in a different way than most, you could say! We’ve decided to do experiments with the chocolate chip cookie recipe that we already use (you can find our recipe here and our video for them here)

But, before we get too deep into this post, I want to explain about sugar in cookies (or any baked good, really) and the difference between the granulated and brown sugar. While you may think that sugar is only used to sweeten your baked goods, it actually does a lot more. Sugar is hygroscopic, which just means that it readily absorbs water, so it adds moisture to your cookie, helping to keep it soft (and store) longer. Not only that but it also contributes to the spread of your cookie, the more sugar you have, the more your cookie will spread. And here we just thought that sugar gave our cookies the sweetness that everybody loves…


Now that we know more about sugar, we can discuss the difference between brown sugar and white sugar. To be honest there isn’t a huge difference. And if you didn’t already know, it will probably be a shock to realize it (I know when I first learned the difference, I could hardly believe, which seems ridiculous, but it’s true none the less…). And here it goes, the main difference is that brown sugar has molasses in it. Hold up, that’s it? Yes you read that right, that’s the only difference! The darker the sugar, the more molasses. Molasses not only adds flavor, but also more moisture to the sugar, that’s why white sugar seems drier than brown sugar, because it is! When using the brown sugar, you’ll get a different flavor than just plain sugar.


In our experiment, we tried three different cookies: all white sugar, all brown sugar, and half and half. Now, you may think that we just tried this many so we could eat them, but that was only an added bonus 😉

We’ll start with the all white sugar. These cookies were fairly lack-luster. They didn’t really have a great color to them or a great flavor. They really didn’t taste like much unless you got a chocolate chunk and then it tasted like, well, chocolate (which is why anyone eats a chocolate chip cookie, for the chocolate or is that just me??). These were our least favorite of the three kinds.

The half and half cookies were the next best cookie because they had a little better coloring to them and also a little better flavor, there was the hint of molasses from the brown sugar in there, giving the cookie a little added flavor.

And, now, that leaves just the brown sugar cookies. We thought these were the best of the three. It had more flavor than the other two and that sealed the deal for us. Now I would like to take this second to point out that we’ve been making our cookies with only brown sugar for a long time now, which basically means we’ve been making them the right way the whole time 😉 (just kidding there’s no one right way to make a cookie!)


Thank you for reading, and happy baking!

Comments, questions, suggestions on hacks to try or recipes for twin vs twin? Let us know in the comments below, by email, or via our instagram (@unchartedbakers)


  1. Julie is Hostess At Heart

    July 19, 2016 at 9:01 am

    These cookies look delicious! Great post. I found you through Jhuls, The Not So Creative Cook.

    1. Traveling Twin Bakers

      July 19, 2016 at 12:51 pm

      Thank you! They were delicious, I only tried each one a billion times haha 😂

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