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I am going to start this post out with a confession. I am terrible at taking pictures of my food. By the time I get my food I am not thinking about a picture of it. I simply want to eat it. On this trip, we typically ate dinner at about 8 or 9 at night, and we didn’t eat lunch, so I was always starving to death! So I apologize in advance that I don’t have very many pictures of my food!


I ate lunch out one day (out of the three days I actually did eat lunch!) and it was at Bubba Gump’s (note: this picture isn’t mine, it’s from google because, again, I failed at being a correct blogger!). The food here is actually pretty good! Georgia and I both got a Pear and Berry Salad because we absolutely hate fish, won’t even touch the stuff. It was so good! I actually finished eating and then realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it for you guys, epic fail! But that’s how good it was. Most every one else at the table ate fish and really enjoyed it. Plus, I stole some french fries: and they were delicious!


We ate dinner in the cabin most nights. However, one of the nights that we did eat out was at the Smoky Mountain Brewery. My uncle likes to brew his own beer, so he does like to visit breweries when he has the chance. That’s how we ended up here. This was my least favorite place that we ate. The picture above is of the pretzels our table got as an appetizer and they were delicious. They came with a beer cheese and mustard sauce that were both actually pretty good. I got pizza, and it was the greasiest pizza. The crust was ultra thin (I’m a thick crust gal), so I did not care too much for this place. It actually upset my stomach the next day. Unfortunately that’s the day we decided to hike Chimney Tops. Hiking and an upset stomach don’t go together at all. Don’t eat greasy pizza and then try hiking! 😉  Georgia got the Oriental Chicken Salad and it was really good. I don’t drink beer, but those at the table who did said that it wasn’t very good. So, if you’re looking for some good beer, my family wouldn’t recommend this place. Actually, I recommend going to a different place for dinner in general as I wasn’t impressed!

I would like to take a minute to note that there is a place called Sugarlands Shine (Sugarland Distilling Company) on the Gatlinburg shopping strip. And the people out of my family who went there really enjoyed it. If you’re into drinking, then I recommend that you go here (I am not 21, so I can’t give you my personal opinion, yup I’m a youngin)! For more information visit their website here.


Another place that we went to was the Mellow Mushroom. This place is delicious! They have gluten-free and vegan pizza options, so it’s a great spot for people who need that! I got a small pizza (pictured below) again and let me tell you that I wasn’t short-changed this time, it was delicious! Georgia ordered the Avocado Hoagie on pita bread (pictured above) and it was really good! Everybody really enjoyed this place. So, if you want pizza, this is the place to go, trust me!


The second time that we ate lunch out was on the other side of the Smoky Mountains in Cherokee (where we did a little shopping). We ate at a place called Paul’s Family Restaurant. This is a little mom and pop restaurant that sells Indian food and kind of looks like a house that was converted into a restaurant. They didn’t even have enough seating for the nine of us, so three of us sat at one table and six of us at another table, which was fine as we were all starving couldn’t have cared where we sat. I sat at the table with three people. We were the cool kids table. Haha, yes me sitting at the cool kids table, a miracle considering I’m about as uncool as they come ;). Actually sitting at this table was a blessing. We had ordered our drinks, our appetizer, and then got our onion rings before the other table had even ordered their drinks! Actually, we ate a three course meal before they even got their food: score one for the cool kids table! Our table got a BLT, Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, fry bread with blueberries, and peach cobbler. I’m not sure how to describe fry bread to you other than delicious. It’s almost like an indian pancake, kind of. If you are by Paul’s Family Restaurant, I would recommend that you eat there. The food was pretty good. I would like to say that it wasn’t the kitchen’s fault that the other table didn’t get their food very fast, it was the waitresses fault, so hopefully you get a good waitress!


The last place we ate dinner was the Smoky Mountain Trout House. Yes, I know, why go to a trout house when you hate fish? Well, they do have other food besides fish and everyone else in the family eats it. This place is a must if you are in the Smoky Mountains. If you don’t go here shame on you! All the salad dressings, cole slaw, and desserts are made in-house! Yes, in house, no body does that any more! Our table got fried zucchini, mushrooms, and pickles as an appetizer. Basically, we clogged our arteries, but it was totally worth it because it was all delicious! For dinner, Georgia and I both got the flame broiled chicken, rice pilaf, salad, french fries (or veggie), and hush puppies. Yes, that was the meal. I definitely did not finish all of mine; there was too much to eat! It was all delicious! This place is good, and according to how much everybody else loved their dinners, it’s even better if you like fish! All of their trout is fresh, caught in the Smoky Mountains. It was by far the best place that we ate on the trip! It is a small restaurant, so if you have a big party or want to guarantee no waiting, call ahead and make reservations!

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