How To: Lattice Top Pie

Hey ya’ll! Hope you had an awesome weekend and are having a great Monday! This is the second week in our month of pie leading up to Thanksgiving. And this week, we’re showing you how to make a lattice top on your pie! What looks intricate and beautiful is actually pretty simple and easy to do.


In our last blog post,Β Butter vs Crisco in Pie Dough, we gave you the recipe and some tips on how to make the best pie dough that you can, so this week we’re going to share one more tip! When you make your pie dough, the bigger the chunks of butter you leave, the flakier you crust will be. The more you mix in your butter,Β the more mealy and less flaky your pie dough will be. Most people like flaky crust, so make sure that you have chunks of butter in your dough, pea sized is perfect!


Making a lattice top is really easy, and anyone can do it if they just practice a little!Β We made a video for you to watch, so you can see the technique that we used! Also, when we are cutting the strips out for the top, we did 1/2 in sized strips. Now, the use of a ruler is completely up to you, but we recommend it if you want to have even strips for your lattice tops.

When your done with the top of your pie, brush it with egg wash and sprinkle it with a little sugar. This will give you that beautiful brown, caramelized color that makes pies look so delicious!

Okay, now we’ll stop rambling on so you can get to making your pie! πŸ˜‰

If you are interested in pies check out our other posts on the subject-Β Butter vs Crisco in Pie DoughΒ andΒ How To: Braided Pie Crust Edge.

Questions, comments or requests? Let us know in the comments below, email (, instgram (@unchartedbakers) or Facebook (@unchartedbakers).

We hope you have an awesome week, safe travels, and may you always have a cookie in your cookie jar! πŸ™‚


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